Bajaj Qute RE60, an Affordable Car by Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto has released India’s first Auto-TaxiBajaj Qute RE60.” Bajaj claims that Bajaj Qute RE60 has both LPG and CNG variants. Continue reading and discover the satisfiable features of an affordable car AKA Auto-Taxi by Bajaj Auto. 

Are you planning to have an affordable car with all the outstanding features which are present in a luxurious car? The majority should want one, right? Bajaj Qute RE60 is a perfect option!

In the past, we know that Tata Motors launched the Tata Nano Car, a wonderful budget-friendly car for families. But it failed to win the hearts of people. This dissatisfaction has been redressed by the Bajaj Qute RE60.

Details of the Bajaj Qute RE60

The Bajaj Qute RE60 is priced at 2.63 lakhs and is a 4-seater car. It’s available in three different colours: Yellow, black, and white.

All the LPG and CNG variants are bi-fuel. Bajaj Qute RE60 has 20.6 litres of fuel tank capacity. When it comes to mileage, it gives 35 km on petrol and 45 km on CNG.

The engine of Bajaj Qute RE60 gives 216 four-stroke. A single-cylindered, liquid-cooled engine is represented in this Auto-Taxi model. It generates 13.1 PS of power and 18.9 Nm of torque.

Take a look at the other features like;

  • Maximum Net Power – 9.15 kW (LPG).
  • Clutch Type – Wet, Multi-Disc.
  • Drive Shaft – CV shaft.

Benefits of using Bajaj Qute RE60

Bajaj Qute RE60 is an affordable car yet promised to make your experience incredible by adding up the following benefits, they’re;

1. Mileage

Its auto-like mileage can save maximum fuel, thus increasing the mileage.

2. Storage

Don’t think much of getting all the comfort you want the way you travel along.

3. All-Weather Protection

Bajaj has designed the Qute RE60 with all-weather protection so that you can never feel miserable being stuck in rain.

4. Go Off Traffic Easily

You can experience the comfort of a taxi and the speediness of an auto in a single vehicle, a Bajaj Qute RE60.