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Breaking News: Nothing Company Achieves Two Million Sales in Tech Industry

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The London startup called ‘Nothing‘ has sold two million devices, which includes earphones and smartphones. They became known last year with the launch of their first smartphone, the “Nothing Phone (1),” standing out in a market dominated by big players like Apple and Samsung.


Founded in October 2020 by Carl Pei, Nothing has been growing steadily since. Their phones have a unique feature called the Glyph Interface, designed by top talent from Dyson, Adam Bates. This feature lights up on the back to signal calls or messages without making a sound.

Despite not yet making a profit, Nothing has secured significant funding from investors like Highland Europe and Google Ventures. While the phones are manufactured in India, the main office is in London, where a sizable team works. Pei’s current focus is not solely on profits or company size; he prioritizes creating quality products.

Pei acknowledges that Nothing needs to sell more to stay competitive. The company intends to continue producing phones and earphones while exploring new types of technology in the future. Pei envisions significant changes in devices like phones over the next five to ten years, and he wants Nothing to be a leader in these transformations, incorporating new ideas and artificial intelligence.

Although Nothing is smaller compared to industry giants, it is steadily growing. Pei is determined to make the company both big and distinct, viewing the current stage of the startup as just the beginning of a more extended journey in the tech industry.

In conclusion, ‘Nothing,’ the London startup founded by Carl Pei, has marked its presence by selling two million devices, including innovative smartphones and earphones. Despite not yet turning a profit, the company has garnered substantial investment and attention, challenging industry leaders. With a focus on creating quality products and anticipating the future of technology, Nothing aims to stay at the forefront of innovation. As the company grows, Pei envisions a transformative journey in the tech industry, emphasizing the importance of pioneering ideas and embracing artificial intelligence.

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