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Good Lock’s Wonderland Receives a Significant Update Packed with New Features

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In the dynamic universe of versatile innovation, staying ahead of the bend is imperative for smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, a leader in the business, is actively enhancing its client experience through back-to-back updates for its stock apps. The new spotlight has been on guaranteeing Galaxy gadgets are more compatible with the latest features under the One UI 6 skin. One of the standout updates in this series is for Wonderland, a vital part of Samsung’s Good Lock suite. We should dig into the significant changes achieved by the latest update, from 1.4.05.

AOD Transition Backing for the Latest Foldables

The focal point of this update is the addition of Always On Display (AOD) transition support for the newest foldable gadgets in Samsung’s arrangement – the Galaxy Z Overlap 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. The AOD feature has turned into a staple for clients who appreciate glanceable information without completely waking up their gadgets. With this enhancement, Wonderland adapts seamlessly to the special structure factors and display configurations of the latest foldable smartphones, offering clients an optimal encounter.

Notably, the update also addresses an issue faced by clients of the original Galaxy Z Overlap and Galaxy Z Flip gadgets. It eliminates unnecessary impacts that happened while setting dynamic animation choices, streamlining the client experience for these gadgets.

UI Enhancements

In addition to feature enhancements, the update achieves changes in the UI (UI). The location of the image settings button and the impact determination button has been adjusted for a more instinctive and easy to use navigation experience. This adjustment aims to enhance accessibility and guarantee clients can easily access the settings they need.

Besides, the update tackles an issue revealed by certain clients, where settings would reset even without squeezing the button on the image setting screen. By addressing this worry, Samsung isn’t just presenting new features yet additionally focusing on the stability and reliability of the UI.

Size and Availability of the Update

The latest update for Wonderland arrives in a compact software package of 83.94 MB, emphasising effectiveness without thinking twice about the consideration of essential features. Clients can access the update through the Galaxy Store, which is the official app store for Samsung gadgets. It’s important to take note that Wonderland is part of the Good Lock suite, meaning it is available solely to clients with Good Lock compatible gadgets.

To apply the update, clients can follow a straightforward cycle. Open the Galaxy Store, tap the menu at the base right, select the updates tab, search for the Wonderland application, and tap the update button. This streamlined approach guarantees that clients can easily stay up with the latest with the latest enhancements and features.


As Samsung keeps on refining its software contributions, the latest update for Wonderland connotes a guarantee to conveying an exceptional client experience. The emphasis on compatibility with the latest foldable gadgets, combined with UI upgrades and bug fixes, positions Galaxy gadgets at the very front of innovation.

The One UI 6 skin, under which these updates are carried out, marks a new era in Galaxy gadget software. Clients can anticipate feature-rich applications as well as a more durable and instinctive interface. As innovation develops, Samsung’s dedication to enhancing its software guarantees that clients can make a large portion of their gadgets, staying associated and engaged in a seamless digital encounter.

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