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HMD Global’s Nokia remains in top feature phone market for Q3

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In the clamoring landscape of India’s feature phone market, HMD Worldwide, the main thrust behind Nokia phones, has arisen victorious, getting the crown in both piece of the pie by esteem and a noteworthy second spot by volume, as per the most recent IDC Q3 2023 report. This isn’t simply a minor victory; it’s a reverberating accomplishment, with HMD guaranteeing a significant 30.7% piece of the pie by esteem and a strong 22.4% by volume.


All in all, what’s the mystery ingredient behind HMD’s prosperity? The Finnish organization decisively raised its Nokia feature phones by consolidating the Brought together Installments Connection point (UPI), an educated move that upgraded the phones’ usefulness as well as smoothed out computerized exchanges for users.

One of the standout procedures has been the rejuvenation of their legend models. HMD Worldwide understood the beat of users, offering new plans, dynamic tones, and batteries that surprise everyone – an ideal combination of style and perseverance. Models like Nokia 105 2022, Nokia 110 and its 4G variation, Nokia 225 4G, the Nokia Xpress Music, Nokia 5710 Xpress Sound with TWS, and the Nokia 2660 Flip structure an imposing setup that resounds with different purchaser inclinations.

A vital component in HMD’s example of overcoming adversity is ease of use. The organization has put a purposeful spotlight on plans and features that enticement for a wide range of users, going from tech tenderfoots to the old. Past the items, HMD’s masterstroke lies in its vigorous disconnected and online presence. This double methodology guarantees that Nokia feature phones are noticeable as well as effectively available to customers the nation over.

The human touch in this achievement story is tangible. HMD Worldwide isn’t simply selling phones; it’s creating an encounter. The incorporation of UPI exhibits a pledge to working with consistent exchanges, recognizing the developing requirements of the carefully associated Indian purchaser. The invigorated plans and broadened battery duration mirror an understanding of users’ cravings – a phone that doesn’t simply address practical issues yet in addition lines up with their way of life.

Fundamentally, HMD Worldwide’s victory in India’s feature phone market is a story of development meeting custom, where innovation entwines with client driven plan, making a triumphant equation that resounds with the hearts and hands of buyers from one side of the country to the other.

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