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How to take screenshot in restricted apps Android 2023

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We all have to take screenshots when it’s needed, and taking a screenshot in the year 2023 is the most common way which people use to save the data in image format. But our mind frustrates when an app restricts taking a screenshot, this is due to some privacy of those apps. In today’s article I’m gonna share you some of the Easiest ways of taking screenshots in restricted apps you have ever seen, So Let’s Begin with our first method:

How to take screenshot in restricted apps

  1. Screen Recorder Method

To take screenshots in restricted apps, there are several methods available online. One of the best ways to do this is by using Android Screen Recorder, which comes pre-installed on each Android gadget. This app allows you to record the screen and take a screenshot from the recorded video. To do this, go to the app you want to take the screenshot from, drag down the notification bar, and snap the ‘Screen Record’ button. This will start recording everything shown on the screen.

After stopping the video, go to your gallery, play the video you just recorded, and pause the video where you want the screenshot. Recall that on the off chance that you get any notifications or calls, your video will be disturbed as it records everything on the screen.

  1. Using Third-party Apps 

There are many apps available that allow you to take screenshots on restricted apps, such as AZ Screen Recorder, Screen Master, and Screenshot touch. These apps work similarly and have a lot of options to alter the screenshots taken. We suggest using AZ Screen Recorder as it has an easy interface and can record videos and save them without advertisements and watermarks.

  1. Google Assistant Method: Trusted one

Google Assistant is another option to take screenshots in restricted apps. First, install and access Google Assistant, then press the explore option at the bottom right of the screen. After loading the screen, tap on the profile icon and go to the settings of Google Assistant. Enable the ‘Use Screen Context’ option and launch the app to take a screenshot. Go to the screen where you really want a screenshot, hold the centre home button, and select the ‘What’s on My Screen’ option from the list. Press the ‘Share Screen’ button to share a snap of the screen at that particular time.

  1. Using Another Phone

Using another phone to take screenshots is another great way to take screenshots. Place your mobile with the screen on (which you want the screenshot of), and get another mobile with a decent rear camera. Now take a photo of your mobile’s screen from another mobile’s camera. Share the image to your mobile and save it as a screenshot by cropping or making required changes.

  1. By Using Pc or Laptop

Taking screenshots on your mobile via PC or desktop is another option, however it is a time-consuming and irritating process. Some tools or software may allow you to take a screenshot of your mobile via PC or desktop, however this is a time-consuming and irritating process. Tools like Scrcpy can assist you with this, yet the time has come consuming and may not work with all devices and apps.

In conclusion, these are some of the best available options to take screenshots in restricted apps. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with the other five methods, you can have a go at using tools like Scrcpy, which is time-consuming and may not work with all devices and apps. For more information and tips, subscribe to our newsletter or bookmark our site.

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