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How to Use a Fake Number for Your WhatsApp?

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Do you want to sign up for WhatsApp on your Android device without using your real number? Then you are in the right place because getting fake number information for your WhatsApp can be done via apps for your Android device. There are apps on the internet that enable the international number to be used by everyone. Well, in case you are not aware, then you should know because that is prevalent to use fake international numbers. For instance, if you are someone living in Canada, you can still get the US number starting with +1. However, you do not need to know about technology because you just need to download the app and assign yourself a number. In fact,  you can text, call, or easily send voicemails to anyone or anywhere without getting recognized.

If you are also the one who received the call or got the messages, you do not need to bewilder yourself with the foreign number. Because in reality, they can belong to the same country. Most of the time, these are either the ones promoting services and products, or sometimes people are just making fools. 

For What Purpose can you Use a Fake Whatsapp Number?

There could be a variety of reasons for using a fake WhatsApp number in your WhatsApp account. If you are running an online business and want to be in touch with your customers, WhatsApp is the greatest way to go. It built trust in your service and connected them for the long term. Apart from this, you are choosing a much more secure way to reach them by staying connected with them on Whatsapp. 

However, showing your personal WhatsApp number to unknown people may be inappropriate. So, in such situations, a fake number can be useful for you. Besides, it also looks more delicate and professional.

Why is it Beneficial and not Harmful for your Device?

With the help of a temporary number, you get SMS verification to activate your WhatsApp account without using your phone with your actual number.  

Generally, a virtual phone number is the best because you can dispose of it at any time instead of using it for a long time. Many services that offer users a temporary phone number, like textnow.com, smsreceivefree.com, freephonenumber.com, or quackr.io, usually provide it a Canada and U.S. number. 

Using a fake number is advantageous because it prevents scammers from accessing your sensitive information. Because most of us share our phone numbers with anyone, and that number is deeply connected to our personal information. That means, if scammers have your mobile number, they are able to get all sorts of other information about you, such as searching for your identity. 

What are the advantages of Using the Fake Number? 

Here’s the way how to work it: 

Scammers can try to find your phone number on social media or by using a reverse phone lookup service like Whitepages.

After this, they search online to find other information related to your number. This can include your address, other online accounts, date of birth, and more.

They use this sensitive information to steal your identity or try to design social engineering attacks that you may fall into a trap.

Therefore, we suggest using the disposable virtual number because it’s not easy to monitor and keep track of. It shows up on the receiver’s phone records and caller ID, and you can use it to make calls, send texts, use WhatsApp, and so much more.

Why is it not Harmful?

When we talk about generators of fake phone numbers, we’re well known for what they’re about: giving you the ability to create a second mobile number. There’s indeed nothing fake about these other country numbers. If you are going to use this number for a long time, the number will be visible with great features, which allow you to use the number as your actual identity and feel even more professional. 

The arising question is, “How can you attain international phone numbers even without using an international SIM?”. Textnow.com is an outstanding site, and this service is also available in an app that enables you to get a safe fake number without endangering trying to connect with a stranger. 

Note – Be cautious, as messages are visible to all, so the virtual number should not be used for sensitive transactions.

TextNow Communication App

Textnow is an affordable messaging and calling app that works as a virtual mobile network operator. It uses other cellular networks to use several long-range radio stations to cover the region that it serves, with the signal being spontaneously switched from one station to another as the user travels about. It helps make communication services more affordable and reasonable. While it closely resembles traditional messaging apps, the principles behind it target demographics on a different basis. 

Get an ad-free Experience at a Cheaper Price

Nowadays, people want to communicate with everyone and stay connected with strangers without taking the risk of engaging in something fraudulent. 

There is something new experience you will get to using the TextNow app. So the topic is what TextNow offers. Unlimited calls and text messages are supported using the WhatsApp app, which is available with an ad-free experience. The free plants are functional throughout Canada and the United States. Apart from this, you can get many benefits by watching the ads and getting call-free international numbers are also at an affordable price.      

For this service, you need the device and an active SIM card with your real identity. It makes this a rational option for an alternative second phone number if you’re using an old device lying around.  


If you want to use this one, you can get an affordable ad-free experience, too. Two available plans are available, including data, and boast competitive rates. 

Have the Most Effective User Interface

TextNow is similar to another messaging app; in fact, it’s better because it has the most straightforward and best user interface and has all the essential messaging elements. 

The options include receiving and making phone calls, using WhatsApp as the real number, and sending pictures, stickers, emojis, and recording videos and voice messages. 

Advanced functions encompass conference calls and call transcripts. After you download the app on several devices too, you can even synchronize your messages. The quality of calls through this app is also the best. Furthermore, there is security available to prevent receiving additional spam.

About TextNow

Review: I would say that TextNow is an impeccable app if you emphasize keeping your phone bills at a minimum. As long as you are okay with some level of volatility, it offers great value for money.

If you only want to stay connected within Canada and the US and need an affordable and reasonable call plan, then, go towards the TextNow app. However, if you have a stable WiFi connection, you can be best off with an alternative such as Telegram or Viber.


This app can be useful in several cases, such as making business deals, hiding your identity while dealing with strangers, etc. The TextNow app would ensure you a completely safe service at an affordable price, and you wouldn’t ever have to face the hectic situation with WhatsApp verification as well. If you want to know about these kinds of apps and information, stay tuned with us. 

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