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Hyundai’s ₹35 Lakh Car Faces the Ultimate Test in Bharat NCAP Crash Trials

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Hyundai is known for caring a lot about safety and new ideas. They’re doing something really big in the car business. They’ve started the Bharat NCAP Test to make sure their cars are safe. India is getting ready to make its roads safer. They’re starting a new program called Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) that will test how well cars can protect people in crashes. This program will begin after the Diwali festival. It’s a big deal because more than 36 cars have already signed up for these tests. This will set a higher safety standard for cars in India.

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So, what’s the Bharat NCAP Test? It’s a special plan in India to check how safe cars are. They look at things like how strong the car is, what safety features it has, and how well it keeps people safe.

Hyundai is doing a great job following the strict rules of the Bharat NCAP Test. This makes sure that people riding in Hyundai cars are safe. It also shows that Hyundai is serious about making good cars. Here’s something cool: Hyundai is making sure this safety test isn’t just for expensive cars. They want even the cars that cost around $35,000 to be safe. This means more people can buy safe cars without spending a lot of money.

You might have heard someone say that cars get “destroyed in seconds” in this test. But that’s not really true. The test doesn’t destroy cars. It checks them really carefully to make sure they can protect people if there’s an accident.

This safety test by Hyundai is going to change the car market a lot. It will: Make cars safer on the roads, Help people choose safer cars by giving them more information, Make car companies work harder to make safer cars for everyone.


Hyundai’s Bharat NCAP Test is a big deal. It’s all about making cars safe without making them too expensive. Hyundai cares a lot about safety and new ideas. If you’re thinking about buying a car in the $35,000 range, you should check out Hyundai’s cars that passed the Bharat NCAP Test. They’re a great choice for staying safe on the road.

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