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IND Vs ENG World Cup 2023: Traffic Curbs, Parking, Gate Entries at Lucknow’s Ekana Stadium

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Before the big India-England World Cup Match at Lucknow’s Ekana stadium on Sunday, the traffic police have given important instructions to make sure that traffic flows smoothly in the city. These instructions include changes in routes, where to park, and traffic rules.

Starting from 8 am on Sunday, some roads will be closed, and these changes will only be lifted after the match ends in the evening.

Traffic Changes:

  • Auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws cannot go through Ahimamau crossing. They need to go to Lulu Mall from Ahimamau or towards the 112 police control room building.
  • Vehicles going to the 112 control room building must use the service lane and go via G20 Road and Gomtinagar Extension.
  • If you’re driving a public vehicle towards Sultanpur Road, you’ll have to take a different route from Amul Tiraha.
  • Buses and other public vehicles from Arjunganj Cantt can use the Katai Bridge.
  • Buses are not allowed to stop at Sultanpur Road. Passengers should get on and off at Lulu Mall.

One-Way Routes:

  • The Husadia Underpass to Maleshamau Underpass and Maleshamau to SSB Underpass will be one way on both sides of Shaheed Path.
  • Palacio underpass will be one-way towards PHQ during the match.
  • Ahimamau intersection to G-20 Tiraha via PHQ will also be one way.

Parking Information:

  • If you’re driving your own vehicle, you can park in designated areas from Ahimamau through HCL to Water Tank Tiraha to Palacio, as per the advisory.
  • All two-wheelers will be parked behind Palacio Mall, going through Ahimamau via HCL Tiraha.

Traffic Rules:

  • Auto Rickshaws and e-rickshaws are not allowed on Shaheed Path.
  • Roadways and other buses and commercial vehicles are not allowed on Shaheed Path during the match.
  • Cabs and private taxis can use Shaheed Path.
  • Private vehicles and cabs are not allowed to stop within 500 meters of the Ekana Stadium exit on Shaheed Path.

Match Entry:

  • You can enter the stadium three hours before the match starts.
  • No one will be allowed to enter the stadium after 8:30 pm.

Security Measures:

  • The police have deployed 3,800 personnel in and around Shaheed Path to ensure the safety and smooth conduct of the India vs England World Cup match.
  • Various police officers, including Superintendent of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Police, have been deployed for security.
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