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Lambretta Elettra E-Scooter Concept Debuts – 15 HP, 127 KM Range

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Lambretta currently sells scooters with regular engines (ICE) ranging from 200cc to 350cc globally. Now, they plan to introduce some electric scooters (EVs). They’ve started this shift with the Elettra e-scooter concept, revealed at EICMA 2023. This concept shows the design direction Lambretta has in mind for the future.

The Elettra e-scooter concept maintains Lambretta’s iconic features while giving it a modern touch. The design resembles older Lambretta models, creating a nostalgic feel. The scooter has contemporary features like all-LED lighting, a unique hexagonal headlamp, a solo rider seat with ‘Lambretta’ branding, and modern side panels. New features include pop-out button brake levers. The curved rear section stays true to Lambretta’s classic design.

The Elettra e-scooter concept is loaded with LEDs, seen in various badges, side panels, and the floorboard. It even has neon-style lighting on some panel borders and yellow bar end lights. However, it’s uncertain if these features will be in the final version.

Repairing the Elettra e-scooter seems easy as its entire rear section is accessible by lifting the rear bodywork. The design suggests a comfortable, upright riding position with a seat height of 780 mm for optimal control. The floorboard has ample space, including storage at the front. The scooter’s rear suspension, wheel, and electric motor can be easily accessed.

The Elettra e-scooter concept boasts a 4.6 kWh lithium-ion battery, producing 15 HP. It can travel up to 127 km in Eco mode with a top speed of 110 kmph. Charging takes around 5 hours 30 minutes with a home charger and about 35 minutes to reach 80% charge using a fast charger in public.

Although Lambretta aims to launch the production version globally soon, it’s uncertain when it will be available in India. Lambretta had plans to re-enter the Indian market in 2023 through a partnership with the Bird Group, investing over $200 million over five years. However, there have been no recent updates on this.


Lambretta’s Elettra e-scooter concept represents a significant step towards embracing electric mobility, blending modern features with the brand’s timeless design. With an emphasis on accessibility for repairs and a promising performance featuring a 4.6 kWh battery, the scooter aligns with current market demands. While its international launch is imminent, uncertainties loom over its entry into the Indian market. Nonetheless, Lambretta’s foray into electric scooters showcases a commitment to innovation and a greener future in the realm of urban mobility.

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