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Lotus Cars enters India, launches electric SUV Eletre, starting at ₹2.55 crore

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Lotus, a famous sports car brand, has officially made its entry into India. They brought along their first model, the all-electric Eletre SUV. Priced at Rs 2.55 crore, the Eletre stands out as the most powerful and expensive electric SUV in the country. This launch marks Lotus’ shift towards becoming an exclusively electric performance car brand.

Retail Partnership with Exclusive Motors

Exclusive Motors, based in New Delhi and known for retailing Bentleys in India, will handle the distribution of Lotus cars across the country. The first showroom is set to open in Delhi early in 2024, with more showrooms following in the coming years.

Design of Lotus Eletre SUV

The Eletre boasts a sleek design with a cab-forward stance, long wheelbase, and short front and rear overhangs. Its compact bonnet and sharp edges take inspiration from Lotus’ historic mid-engined layout. The SUV features a distinctive full-length ribbon light at the rear, changing colors based on battery charge.

Lotus Eletre SUV Interior Features

Inside, the Eletre embraces technology with a 15.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The dashboard is split, mimicking the design of the rear split spoiler. Various lights and screens communicate with occupants, and physical toggle switches control key functions. A dashboard camera adjusts screen brightness based on the driver’s gaze.

Powerful Electric Performance of Lotus Eletre SUV

The Eletre runs on Lotus’ Electric Premium Architecture and offers three versions: Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R, with two powertrains. The Eletre and Eletre S feature a 603hp dual-motor system, providing a maximum range of 600km. The top-tier Eletre R boasts a 905hp dual-motor setup, achieving 490 km on a full charge and claiming the title of the world’s fastest production electric SUV.

All variants come with all-wheel drive, active air suspension, five drive modes, and a torque vectoring system. Charging from 10-80 percent takes just 20 minutes with a rapid charger, thanks to the 112kWh battery. The Eletre is currently unique in its category, standing out as a performance-oriented electric SUV without direct competitors.


 Lotus marks its grand entrance into India with the cutting-edge Eletre Electric SUV. Priced at Rs 2.55 crore, it not only stands out as the country’s most powerful and expensive electric SUV but also signifies Lotus’ strategic shift toward an all-electric performance car brand. With its distinctive design, tech-rich interior, and unparalleled electric performance, the Eletre sets a new standard in the electric SUV landscape, positioning itself as a unique and formidable player in the automotive market.

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