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Mahindra’s Big Sales in January 2024: Bolero, Scorpio, XUV700, Thar Shine

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Mahindra had a great start to 2024 with big sales numbers in January. They sold a lot more cars compared to last year, which is awesome!

Big Winners

The Scorpio SUV was the top seller for Mahindra. People really liked it, and they bought 64% more Scorpios than last year. Bolero, another popular SUV, also did well. It sold 16% more units than last January.

Mahindra did really well in January 2024. They sold 43,068 cars in India, which is 30.4% more than last year. This helped them become the fourth top-selling car company and gain a 1.4% bigger share of the market.

XUV700 Success

Mahindra’s top car, the XUV700, became really popular in January 2024. They sold 7,206 of them, which is a lot! Compared to last year, that’s 25% more XUV700s sold. People really like this SUV because it can do a lot of different things.

Thar’s Adventure Spirit

The tough Thar SUV also did great. It saw a 37% increase in sales compared to last year. It’s clear that people enjoy its rugged look and off-road capabilities.

Some Challenges

Not everything was perfect for Mahindra though. The XUV300 saw a slight drop in sales, selling 11% fewer units than last January. The Marazzo faced a bigger challenge, with sales dropping a lot by 80%.

Future Looks Bright

Despite some ups and downs, Mahindra has exciting plans for the future. They’re going to launch a new version of the Thar SUV and update the XUV300 soon. These new cars could bring even more success for Mahindra.


Overall, Mahindra had a fantastic January in terms of sales. They’re doing a great job of making cars that people love to buy. With new models on the way, it looks like Mahindra’s success story will continue!

News Summary

  • Mahindra sold a lot more cars in India in January 2024, 30.4% more than last year. This made them the fourth-best selling car company.
  • The Scorpio SUV was the top seller with 14,293 units sold, which is 64% more than last year.
  • The Bolero SUV also did well, selling 9,964 units, a 16% increase from last year.
  • The XUV700 SUV sold 7,206 units, 25% more than last year.
  • The Thar SUV sold 6,059 units, showing a big increase of 37% from last year.
  • However, the XUV300 and Mahindra Marazzo didn’t sell as well this year compared to last year.
  • Mahindra is planning to launch a new version of the XUV300 soon to make their lineup even better.
  • Mahindra’s great sales in January 2024 show that they care about making good cars that people like to buy.
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