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Maruti Suzuki is set to launch a Flying Car: A New Way to Travel

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Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motor Corporation are working together to create something amazing – a flying electric car called Skydrive! This car will be like nothing you’ve seen before, blending the best of cars and airplanes to make traveling faster and easier.

What’s Special About Skydrive?

Skydrive is not just any car – it’s a flying car! It’s smaller than a regular helicopter but bigger than a drone. It can carry three passengers and a pilot, and it runs on electricity, which is good for the environment.

Why is Maruti Suzuki Making Skydrive?

Maruti Suzuki wants to make traveling more fun and convenient for everyone. They’re thinking about making Skydrive in India to save money and bring the price down. They’re also talking to the people who make the rules about flying to make sure Skydrive is safe to use.

When Can We See Skydrive?

You might get to see Skydrive in 2025 at a big event called the Osaka Expo. First, it will be available in Japan and the United States, and then maybe in India too. Maruti Suzuki is doing some research to see if people in India would like to use Skydrive.

Why is Skydrive Cool?

Skydrive is cool because it’s light and can land on the roof of buildings. Since it runs on electricity, it doesn’t need a lot of parts, which makes it cheaper to make and maintain. Plus, it’s a flying car – how awesome is that?


Maruti Suzuki’s Skydrive is a super exciting invention that could change the way we travel. It’s a flying car that’s good for the environment and could make getting around cities a lot easier. Keep an eye out for Skydrive – it might be flying your way soon!

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