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Maruti Suzuki’s Electric Vehicles: 3 Game-Changing Models in India’s Next year

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Maruti Suzuki, a big car company in India, is getting ready to bring out three exciting new cars in the next year. They’re going to launch a cool electric car called the eVX, plus updated versions of the Swift and Dzire.

Maruti Suzuki eVX

Maruti Suzuki’s first electric car, the eVX, is coming at the end of 2024. It’s been seen testing in Europe and India, but it’s still kind of a secret. At a recent expo, they showed a bit of its design, which looks futuristic with fancy lights and cool wheels.

Working Together with Toyota

Maruti Suzuki is working with Toyota to make the eVX even better. There’s also going to be a Toyota version, but it’ll come out a bit later. The eVX can drive up to 550 km on a single charge, which is pretty amazing.

New Swift and Dzire

The new Swift and Dzire are coming out in the second half of 2024. They’re not changing the look too much on the outside, but inside, they’re making things really fancy. There’ll be a big touchscreen, cool digital displays, and comfy seats.

Exciting Engines and Gearboxes

Under the hood, they’re putting in new engines that are supposed to be more efficient. You can get them with a mild hybrid option, which is good for saving gas. Some people say there might even be a super-efficient version with a special transmission.


Maruti Suzuki is getting ready to bring out some awesome cars next year. With the eVX leading the charge into electric cars and the new Swift and Dzire making driving more fun and fancy, it’s an exciting time for car lovers in India.

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