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Latest News: Nothing Team of Eight Are Working on Nothing OS 2.5 Design

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Smartphone companies usually have large teams working on the software design of their phones. However, Nothing, a tech company, is different. Their small staff of only eight employees is hard at work developing widgets, icon packs, and other designs for the phone’s appearance and functionality in addition to working on Nothing OS 2.5.

Bruno Viegas is the leader of the team responsible for designing the software products at Nothing. His job is really important because he gets to make the final decisions on how the design ideas will make the Nothing Phone a better experience for users. With Bruno’s guidance, the team has been doing a great job and producing better things for the people who use their phones.

Recently, the company did something interesting. They created an app named Nothing Widgets that is unique. This app is separate from the main software, and its job is to give small updates to the widgets that are already on the phone and to add new widgets for users to enjoy. It’s a way for Nothing to keep improving and giving their users more cool stuff.

What’s new in Nothing OS 2.5 Design?

  • Glyph Interface: Glyph Progress is now connected to Google Calendar, helping you stay on top of your upcoming events by showing a 5-minute countdown.
  • Glyph Timer: You can now easily set your preferred time duration with preset options. The timer is accessible directly from the lock screen. You can open the pop-up window by tapping instead of holding.
  • Other: Predictive Back is now available on all Nothing apps. There are additional choices for the double-press power button gesture. The three-finger swipe gesture is now more reliable.


In conclusion, Nothing’s unique approach with a small team focusing on software design, led by Bruno Viegas, has proven effective in enhancing the user experience for Nothing Phone. Despite having just eight members, the team has successfully developed Nothing OS 2.5, along with widgets and icon packs. Bruno Viegas’ role in making crucial design decisions has resulted in continuous improvements, evident in their recent release of the Nothing Widgets app. This reflects Nothing’s commitment to providing a distinctive and user-friendly smartphone experience.

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