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Ola customers protest in front of showroom: Want service center shut down

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Ola Electric, a popular brand for electric two-wheelers, is once again in the news. Since they started selling their electric scooters, Ola has faced many problems. At first, their scooters had issues with their computer programs, which caused problems for riders. They worked on fixing these issues over time and even offered a software update to make things better. Earlier this year, they introduced a more affordable scooter model called the S1 Air. Unfortunately, this new scooter has also had problems. Many customers have complained online about the poor after-sales service they’ve received from Ola.

A video shared by Electric Story on YouTube shows customers in Madhya Pradesh protesting in front of an Ola showroom, demanding the closure of the service center because of the bad service they’ve experienced. In the video, the vlogger explains that many customers are facing scooter issues, but the service center staff is not helping them. The video includes audio clips from customers who got stuck on the road when their scooters stopped working. There’s also an image of a broken rear suspension on an Ola electric scooter that damaged the storage space under the seat.

The main problem is that an Ola electric dealership in Madhya Pradesh was offering special deals for new scooter buyers during the festive season. However, existing customers were upset because they hadn’t received any response about the service issues they reported for the scooters they bought from the same dealership. Some customers had made complaints online months ago but still hadn’t heard back. One customer mentioned that when they tried to get help from the customer care center, their calls were cut off without a solution.

Customers talked to the dealership staff, who explained that their responsibility was only to sell the scooters, not to handle issues with servicing. They told customers to report problems online. In response, angry customers gathered outside the dealership and protested against Ola and the dealership’s irresponsible behavior. They want the dealership to be closed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about problems like this. A few months ago, Ola Electric scooter owners in Maharashtra also expressed their anger and frustration, demanding better service. Their protests even led to the closure of a dealership due to poor service. Initially, Ola planned to sell their scooters directly to customers without physical stores or dealerships, but they had to change that plan because of difficulties. Ola then set up dealerships or “Experience zones” in various parts of the country.

Ola Electric, a well-known brand in the electric two-wheeler market, has been facing recurring challenges related to their product quality and after-sales service. The recent protests and customer dissatisfaction highlight the urgent need for Ola to address these issues and improve their customer support. It’s essential for the company to provide reliable products and efficient service to maintain their reputation and ensure customer satisfaction. These incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of consistent quality and service in the competitive electric vehicle industry.

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