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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Users Getting November 2023 Security Update in Europe and the USA

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Samsung, a leader in the realm of opportune software updates, continues to reinforce its obligation to client security. The latest November 2023 security Update is making its way to Galaxy gadgets, with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 taking the community stage in the new appropriation wave. Nonetheless, as server constraints dictate a gradual rollout, clients in the US and Europe are among those quick to encounter the enhanced security features.

Enhanced Security with 60+ Fixes

The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s latest update introduces the vigorous November 2023 security Update, a standard enhancement primarily centred around fortifying gadget security. Comprising more than 60 fixes, this update combines the 40+ Updates from Google with an additional 15 Updates carefully integrated by Samsung, showcasing the brand’s dedication to safeguarding its Galaxy gadgets.

Identifying Firmware Adaptations

For clients with the opened variant of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, distinguishing the update is as basic as checking the firmware rendition. In the US, the firmware form is signified as F711U1UES5GWK1, while European units are receiving adaptation “F711BXXS6FWK2”. This clear identification guarantees clients are informed about the update’s availability and its security enhancements.

One UI 6 Beta Program: A Dependable UI?

Regardless of the active rollout of updates, questions arise about the reliability of Samsung’s One UI 6 timeline. The distrust comes from the fact that clients signed up for the One UI 6 beta program have already gotten the November 2023 Update, raising worries about the stability of the software. With the Galaxy Z Flip 3 having as of late accepted its subsequent beta update, clients await the stable variant, anticipating its release in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Releases: Galaxy Z Overlay 5 and Z Flip 5 Take the Lead

While the Galaxy Z Flip 3 partakes at the centre of attention with the November 2023 update, Samsung’s pattern recommends that the stable update could initially reach the latest foldable gadgets, the Galaxy Z Overlay 5 and Z Flip 5. Following this, more established gadgets are probably going to go with the same pattern, ensuring a cascading dissemination of the latest security enhancements.


Samsung’s unwavering dedication to security and ideal updates shines through with the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s latest November 2023 security Update. As clients eagerly install the enhancements, the tech giant remains at the forefront of ensuring a solid and optimised client experience. The gradual rollout, fastidious integration of Updates, and an emphasis on the latest gadgets epitomise Samsung’s obligation to empowering its client base for the evolving technological landscape.

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