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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 gets November 2023 update in India

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Samsung, the tech monster known for its cutting-edge smartphones, has as of late carried out the November 2023 security update for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in India. This update expects to support framework security and steadiness by incorporating the most recent Android security fix.

Identifying the Update: One UI Build Variant F721BXXS4DWJ2

Users in India can without much of a stretch distinguish the November 2023 security update by checking their One UI build rendition, which ought to now peruse F721BXXS4DWJ2. The installation bundle for this update tips the scales at 358.69 MB, indicating an exhaustive improvement to the gadget’s security infrastructure.

Worldwide Availability: Currently Accessible in the US

Samsung has guaranteed a worldwide rollout, and the November 2023 security update is as of now open to users in the US. This reinforces Samsung’s obligation to providing opportune updates and ensuring that users overall can profit from the most recent progressions in security and steadiness.

Addressing Security Blemishes: A Fix for Many Weaknesses

The essential focal point of this update is to address and correct various security defects recognized in the past form of the product that controlled the Galaxy Z Flip 4. While it doesn’t introduce new elements or visual changes, the update fundamentally improves the general security of the gadget.

Installation Guidelines: A Consistent Interaction for Users

To check and install the update, users can follow a basic cycle. Explore to “Settings,” select “Programming update,” and afterward continue to “Download and install.” This guarantees an issue free encounter, minimising the gamble of mistakes and enhancing the gadget’s general performance.


Samsung’s devotion to providing standard security updates highlights its obligation to client wellbeing and fulfilment. The November 2023 security update for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 fortifies the gadget against possible weaknesses as well as adds to a more dependable and stable client experience. As innovation progresses, such updates become increasingly imperative to guarantee that users can partake in the maximum capacity of their gadgets in a protected computerised climate.

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