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Top 5 Thumbnail Maker Apps – You Must Try

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Thumbnails are important for all the web designers, youtubers or bloggers. Are you in search of the best thumbnail maker apps then you have come to the perfect place.  Thumbnails are used to represent a large amount of information into a short term for better and easy understanding. 

All these online business people use these thumbnails and at some time they may need thumbnail makers to fasten their work and add thumbnails when the deadline is near. Keeping those people in mind we have made an article on the best thumbnail maker apps.

This post will have the top 5 thumbnail maker apps that will help you create thumbnails in no time.

List of top 5 Thumbnail Maker Apps

Here is a list of top 5 thumbnail maker apps that you can use to create thumbnails in the firm of images, videos, logos, posters etc. Let’s go ahead with the apps given below that will help you a lot.

1 Canva

The first best thumbnail maker app in our list is the canva. Canva is the most widely used app that serves as the best source for thumbnail creation.

You now no need to worry much about your posts in youtubes, Instagram,  Facebook etc as the canva creates thumbnails in a way that attracts a lot of people and improves your popularity. 

Canva is capable of editing your videos, making posters, logos and it also edits the photos. Overall it is the best design app that you can use to create amazing thumbnails.

Best Features:

  • Online video recorder.
  • Resizing ability of the videos.
  • Easy video editing.
  • Presentation preparations.
  • Logo designing.

2 Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe creative cloud express which was previously known as the Adobe Spark Post is the second best app you can try to create eye catching thumbnails.

If you are searching for an app that gives you a photoshop quality then you can go ahead with the app. Using this app you can upload the photos and make it attractive with the in-built filters, effects, layouts etc. The best thing about the app is it is totally free and it doesn’t require any designer qualities. 

Using the app you can create logos, invitations, posters and flyers, photo collages, presentations and many more. All you need to do is select a good template for the social media stories, posts and ads for any social media platform. 

Best Features:

  • Ability to resize the images.
  • Merging the videos and reversing the videos.
  • Converting PNGs to JPG files.
  • Cropping of video clips.
  • Removing backgrounds from photos.

3 PicMonkey

The next app in our list is PicMonkey.  This app is best known for its photo editing quality. You can make stunning images as thumbnails for your social media posts, stories etc that will bring you a good fan following. 

You can edit the photos with the attractive filters and effects and can add a text to the photos. Apart from these you can also add graphic stickers and add or remove the stickers to maintain transparency. 

You can even adjust the size of the edited posts when you like to post them on social media platforms like Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s easy to post the created thumbnails on your social media accounts. There are many other things which make it the best thumbnail maker app but the above discussed were the most concerning. 

Best Features:

  • It has 3000 new design templates. 
  • It has about 8000 vector graphics.
  • Easy Background eraser.
  • Resizing of images.
  • Various filters, effects and fonts.

4 Ultimate Thumbnail Maker 

If you are a youtuber and need some attractive thumbnails for your channel then you can use Ultimate Thumbnail maker. 

The Ultimate Thumbnail maker is the best app to create thumbnails for your YouTube channels. The app comes with a lot of fonts, filters, effects that you can use to highlight your post. You can highlight your videos using the amazing stickers on the app which need to be downloaded.

With the help of this app you can create your own professional thumbnails and need not pay high outside for creating the thumbnails. You can also use the app for logo creation and making presentations.

Best Features:

  • Capability to create stunning thumbnails and covers.
  • A wide range of free backgrounds in a variety of graphic designer categories and designs are available.
  • The ability to select preferred thumbnail dimensions for various social media platforms.
  • Personalization is possible through the addition of text and an overlay.
  • Tonnes of unique fonts and effects are available to help you create awesome thumbnails and banners.

5 Thumbnail Maker and Channel Art Maker

The last but not least app on our list is the thumbnail maker and Channel Art maker. Using this amazing app you can create stunning thumbnails and banners for videos.

It is easy to use and hence if you are a beginner then you must give it a try. Both professionals and beginners can use the app to highlight their posts. The app allows you to edit the photos, make photo collages. The app comes with a lot of fonts, effects etc that give your thumbnails the best look.

To highlight any particular part of your video you can download the attractive stickers from the app and can put them in the videos. The app has many graphics designs that you can use to make your posts look professional. 

Best Features:

  • User friendly interface. 
  • Photo editing and photo collages. 
  • Various effects, filters and fonts.
  • In built graphic stickers. 

Final Words

The above mentioned are the top 5 thumbnail maker apps which you must try to create the best thumbnails whenever you need to do.

The apps mentioned above are all free and have a lot of features that will help your posts get popularised in no time. We hope you like our content and you are definitely going to use any of the above apps.

If you have any questions then you can contact us  at any time. We will be waiting for your feedback and will be reaching you with the solutions for your questions as soon as possible. 

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