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Toyota Launch New Car Soon: Toyota New Car is Challenge to Innova, XUV700 and Ertiga

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Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) is going to make more cars in India. They’re working on a new medium-sized SUV called 340D. This car will compete with the Mahindra XUV700. Toyota already has cars like Urban Cruiser Hyryder and Innova Hycross.

About the SUV 340D

The 340D will be a seven-seater, bigger than the global Corolla Cross. It should be ready to buy in 2026. Toyota will make it in a new factory in India. This shows Toyota really wants to do well in the Indian market and sell more big cars for families.

Making More Cars

Toyota plans to make 60,000 of the 340D every year. They also want to send it to other countries where people drive on the right side of the road. The new factory will make 30% more cars in total. This means Toyota will be even bigger in India.

The 340D will fit in between the Urban Cruiser Hyryder and Innova Hycross. There aren’t many cars in this part of the market right now. Toyota wants to sell a lot of 340Ds by offering a good choice in this car category.

Waiting for the New Car

People are excited about the 340D. Toyota needs to decide how much it will cost. We’ll find out when Toyota tells us officially. The success of this new SUV will depend a lot on how much it costs compared to other cars.


In conclusion, Toyota Kirloskar Motors’ introduction of the 340D mid-size SUV signifies a strategic expansion in the competitive Indian market. With plans for a 2026 launch, Toyota aims to fill a market gap, offering a seven-seater alternative between the Urban Cruiser Hyryder and Innova Hycross. The anticipated increase in production capacity by 30% underlines the company’s commitment to meeting the rising demand for family-sized vehicles. As the automotive industry eagerly awaits the official pricing strategy, the success of the 340D hinges on its ability to offer a compelling option in its segment.

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