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Toyota Reveals Awesome FT-Se Electric Sports-Car Concept

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Last week, Toyota shared some pictures to give us a sneak peek of their new electric sports car concept. Now, at the Tokyo auto show, they’ve fully revealed the car, called the FT-Se. After seeing it up close, we can tell you that it looks fantastic. And although Toyota hasn’t officially said they’ll make it, except for some crazy features, it seems like it could be ready for production.

Toyota hasn’t given us all the technical details yet, but they introduced the FT-Se alongside another concept car, the FT-3e crossover. This suggests that they plan to use similar parts for both cars.

Toyota has previously mentioned that they’re developing a new kind of small battery, with cells less than 4 inches tall. Looking at the FT-Se’s sleek design, it seems like they designed it to work with these small batteries.

The FT-Se is a two-seater car that reminds us of the lightweight MR2 from the 1980s and 2000s. We don’t have the exact measurements, but it looks low and wide, with the wheels pushed to the corners of the car. The front bumper has big openings for an electric car, and there’s a cool rear spoiler with unique features that remind us of a Ferrari 512.

It’s clear that the FT-Se could easily fit into Toyota’s lineup of sporty cars. Toyota’s former leader, Akio Toyoda, talked about wanting “three brothers,” and we think the FT-Se could be the third one alongside the Supra and GR86, completing that trio.

To show that it’s a sporty Toyota, the FT-Se has the GR branding from Toyota’s Gazoo Racing performance division.

We haven’t seen the inside of the FT-Se yet, but Toyota promises a new, lower instrument panel and knee pads to protect the driver from strong forces while driving. Toyota has mentioned before that they made an electric sports car prototype with a virtual stick shift, and the production version of the FT-Se might be the perfect place to introduce this feature.

If the FT-Se does go into production, it will face competition. Porsche is working on an electric Cayman, Lotus plans to replace the Elise with an electric car, and Renault’s Alpine brand is also working on a lightweight electric sports car.

Toyota’s FT-Se electric sports car concept, unveiled at the Tokyo auto show, showcases promising potential for production with its stylish design and adaptability to Toyota’s next-generation EV platform. While technical details are still under wraps, its sporty features and the potential addition to Toyota’s performance lineup suggest a bright future. With other automakers also venturing into the electric sports car market, the FT-Se will face competition, but it clearly demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to delivering exciting and innovative electric vehicles in the near future.

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