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TVS King Duramax Plus Three-Wheeler Launched In India

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TVS Motor Company has introduced a new three-wheeler called the TVS King Duramax Plus. This vehicle comes in two versions: one that runs on CNG and another that uses petrol. The TVS King Duramax Plus has a front suspension that’s designed to make your ride smoother and more comfortable. The cabin inside is spacious enough for three passengers, and the all-gear start system ensures that you can start the vehicle without any trouble. The use of tubeless tires adds an extra layer of convenience and safety for both drivers and passengers.


The TVS King Duramax Plus has a refreshed front appearance, with a modern LED headlamp that not only looks good but also improves visibility when it’s dark. Additionally, the new LED tail lamp enhances visibility and safety from behind. The passenger cabin has been redesigned to provide both style and comfort.

What is the Price of TVS King three wheeler in India?

The TVS King Duramax Plus is powered by a 225 cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder SI engine. In the petrol variant, it produces a maximum power output of 7.9 kW @ 4,750 rpm, while in the CNG variant, it’s 6.7 kW @ 5,000 rpm. The prices for the TVS King Duramax Plus are Rs 257,190 for the CNG variant and Rs 235,552 for the Petrol Variant, excluding taxes and other charges, in Bengaluru.

What is the mileage of TVS Duramax LPG?

The TVS King Duramax auto rickshaw with LPG fuel can travel around 23 ± 3 kilometers on one liter of fuel in normal testing conditions. And for the CNG model, it can go about 45 ± 5 kilometers per liter under similar testing conditions.


The TVS King Duramax Plus stands out as a versatile three-wheeler offering both CNG and petrol variants. With a focus on rider comfort, safety, and style, it features a redesigned spacious cabin for three passengers, an efficient suspension system, and modern LED lighting for enhanced visibility. The 225 cc engine, coupled with an all-gear start system, ensures reliable performance. Priced at Rs 257,190 for the CNG variant and Rs 235,552 for the petrol variant in Bengaluru, it combines affordability with efficiency. Notably, the LPG model offers a mileage of 23 ± 3 km/l, while the CNG model achieves 45 ± 5 km/l, making it a fuel-efficient choice.

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