Arshdeep Singh reached the top by blowing the neck in the World Cup, know how the journey was in the 4 matches played so far

In the T20 World Cup 2022, India's youthful left-arm fast bowler Arshdeep Singh has stunned opponents.

Arshdeep has played 4 T20 World Cup matches. Arshdeep took 9 wickets at 8.25 runs per wicket.

Arshdeep's first World Cup match was India-Pakistan. Arshdeep excelled in this match's second over.

Arshdeep then ordered Duniya's top T20 batsman, Mohammad Rizwan, to the dugout.

Arshdeep Singh again claimed 2 wickets in the final 2 balls of the 18th over against Netherlands.

Arshdeepan gave India an early win in the match, which upset South Africa.

Arshdeep Singh dismissed Asif Hussain on the first ball of the 12th over. Suryakumar Yadav caught Asif's huge shot.

Arshdeep shares first place with Sam Karan. Sam Curran has 9 wickets for England in three matches.

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