Flipkart launches ‘Flipverse’, a new virtual shopping experience-Check out the complete story to know more

Flipkart Metaverse Flipverse: Flipkart is launching a special virtual shopping experience called 'Flipverse' as part of its Diwali sale.

The pilot experience will be available on the company's Android app from Monday, October 17th until the end of the week, which is October 23rd.

Users can access a “metaverse”-style experience to interact with select brands in a 3D-style virtual environment.

"Flipverse" will be available on the FireDrops section of the Flipkart Android app.

The launch of Flipverse will continue to impact innovative industries such as e-commerce and enhance customer experience

According to Flipkart, this experience, which is a pilot, will allow users to create their own avatars and interact with select brands that are part of the Flipverse.

It is not clear what technology Flipkart uses to power these 'avatars'.

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