New Classic Ford F-250 Pickup-Check out the complete story to know more

Ford Super Duty F Series sensors are not what they want to be.

Major haulers have evolved from basic work trucks to a full line of models featuring high-end luxury equipment costing over $100,000.

Trendy Florida Classics has spent the last decade building "resto-mods" of the Ford Mustang and International Scout.

it restores them with modern powertrains and technology, and currently adds the fifth-generation 1967 to 1972 F-250 to the mix.

The company starts with an inventive donor car that takes the body off the frame and gives it a complete facelift

it's then reinstalled on a custom Roadster-designed chassis that features a custom suspension that replaces the rear leaf springs with Coilover shocks.

The powertrain consists of the five-liter "Coyote" V8 from the current F-150, which sends its power to the wheels through a 4×4 system composed of a four-speed Ford transmission.

Trending Classics F-250 Velocity starts at $285,000

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