Ola Electric car-All you need to know!!-Check out the complete story to know more

Ola Electric founder and CEO Bhavish Agarwal has already announced the launch of the Ola electric car

It will be one of the fastest in India with a 0-100 km/h time of less than four seconds.

The Ola electric car will have a drag coefficient of less than 0.21.

It will be a model without a key and handle.

The Ola electric car will have an all-glass roof.

the company plans to release in 2024 with a declared range of more than 500 kilometers on one full charge.

In a tweet dated October 23, Ola Electric said, “This is going to be a dream on 4 wheels!

The company had an 87% share of the country's electric vehicle market in FY22.

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