Reliance Jio introduces True 5G WiFi service in India 

On October 22, Jio CEO Akash Ambani stated the company would be introducing 5G WiFi services.

After announcing 5G service in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi, Reliance Jio is expanding to Chennai.

This includes places of worship, schools, bus terminals, train stations, and shopping centres, among many more.

Currently, the service is only accessible to a small group of participants in specific areas as part of a trial run.

The whole population of India should have access to it, as well as every residence and commercial establishment.

Jio is advertising 5G speeds of 1 Gbps+ with unlimited data plans.

Akash Ambani made his major announcement as head of Jio following his appointment as Chairman by the RIL board.

There are many more such locations are for  trial this services.

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