Samsung One UI 5.0 All you need to know!!-Check out complete story to know more

First of all, Samsung added the ability to stack home screen widgets to the default launcher.

The security and privacy section has been completely redesigned in One UI 5. It's now a proper privacy center, just like what you'll find on Google Pixel phones.

This optical character recognition also applies to photos that are already stored on your phone. If you're browsing your phone's gallery and text is identified on an image, you can tap the "T" in the bottom right to highlight that text.

Samsung has added two separate features to help you with multitasking. The first is a swipe from the top corner to open the current app in a pop-up view, and the second is a two-finger swipe from the bottom to open the split-screen view.

A histogram has been added to the camera's pro mode, along with helpers that explain what each lens does

It's very likely that this is a feature limited to S Pen devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but a new option has been added during phone calls that allows you to take notes during the call.

One UI 5 makes several accessibility changes, but the most notable is the introduction of a magnifying glass shortcut that can be accessed from anywhere on the phone.

There are now many more Material You colors to choose from that are generated by your wallpaper. All of these can be used and will change your system theme depending on what you choose.