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WhatsApp working on secret code feature for locked chats on Android

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WhatsApp developers are trying out a new feature called ‘Secret Code’ for locked chats. This upcoming feature is expected to function on linked devices and will let users set a personal password for their protected chat folder.


A report says that a new thing was first seen on WhatsApp beta for Android, in version If you’re in the WhatsApp beta testing group, you can get this version from the Google Play Store. The report said that when you set a secret code, the place where you usually see locked chats won’t be there anymore. Instead, you can find those chats by typing the secret code in the search bar in the Chats section.

This new feature gives users more privacy. It stops others from easily finding or getting into locked chats. It makes sure that people can’t easily see or get into private conversations, stopping accidental or unauthorized access to sensitive talks.

Hiding the list of locked conversations is good because it keeps things more private. If people see the list, they might guess that there are locked conversations. The report also mentioned that WhatsApp added a new option called ‘Protect IP Address in Calls.’ This option helps keep your location hidden from others on the call.

The new option in WhatsApp keeps your IP address private during calls. It works by sending calls through WhatsApp Servers, so the people you’re talking to can’t see your IP address or figure out where you are.

In conclusion, the new WhatsApp feature makes phone calls more private. It does this by hiding users’ IP addresses using WhatsApp Servers. This ensures that participants in the call are unable to view the caller’s IP, preventing them from determining the caller’s general geographical location. By implementing this option, WhatsApp aims to offer a more secure and confidential communication experience for its users, safeguarding their privacy in an increasingly connected digital world.

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