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WhatsApp’s New Protect IP Address in Call Feature Launches Globally

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WhatsApp has a new feature called ‘Protect IP Address‘ to make sure users stay safe and secure. This feature helps keep your IP address private when you make WhatsApp calls. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, announced this on November 8, 2023. People first heard about it when it was being tested on the Beta platform, thanks to WABetaInfo. Now, everyone around the world can use this feature.

What Is Whatsapp Protect IP Address feature?

The “Protect IP Address” feature is a function in WhatsApp that helps keep your IP address private during calls. Your IP address is like your digital location, and by using this feature, WhatsApp makes it more challenging for others to find out where you are when you’re making calls. This can be important for privacy, especially when talking to people you don’t know well. Additionally, it adds a layer of security to your calls, making it more difficult for unauthorized access or eavesdropping.

when you make a one-on-one call using WhatsApp, the other person can see your IP address. This can reveal information like where you are located or your internet provider, which some people care about for privacy reasons. To address this, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature. If you turn on this feature, your calls will go through WhatsApp’s servers, so the other person won’t be able to see your IP address. This adds an extra layer of privacy, especially for those who are very concerned about their privacy. It’s important to note that even though the calls go through WhatsApp servers, they are still end-to-end encrypted, meaning WhatsApp cannot listen to your calls.

How Whatsapp Protect IP Address Feature Helpful?

The “Protect IP Address” feature in WhatsApp is helpful in a few ways:

  • Better Privacy: When you use this feature, it hides your IP address during calls. This makes it harder for others to figure out where you are. This is especially useful if you’re talking to people you don’t know well or if you care a lot about keeping your location private.
  • Less Eavesdropping Risk: When your calls go through WhatsApp’s servers, it becomes tougher for others to listen in on your conversations. WhatsApp uses something called end-to-end encryption, which protects all your calls and messages.
  • Increased Security: WhatsApp adds an extra layer of security to your calls. This helps guard you against cyberattacks because WhatsApp’s servers are always watching for any suspicious activity.


WhatsApp’s new feature enhances user privacy by concealing IP addresses during one-on-one calls. This addresses concerns about revealing geographical information or internet providers to other callers. By routing calls through WhatsApp’s servers, users, especially those prioritizing privacy, gain an additional layer of security. It’s noteworthy that despite this relay, the end-to-end encryption ensures that WhatsApp cannot eavesdrop on the content of the calls. This development reflects a commitment to safeguarding user information while maintaining the convenience of communication on the platform.

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